Mauricio Sulaimán, narra cómo vivió su infancia y adolescencia ligada al boxeo y lo que espera de la 60 convención anual del WBC.

Mauricio Sulaimán, narrates how he lived his childhood and adolescence linked to boxing and what he expects from the 60th annual WBC convention.

FROM ONE WARRIOR TO ANOTHER WARRIOR Reading Mauricio Sulaimán, narrates how he lived his childhood and adolescence linked to boxing and what he expects from the 60th annual WBC convention. 5 minutes Next BIG FIGHTS ARE COMING FOR WBC TITLES



Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the World Boxing Council, grew up watching famous boxers eat at his house, such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Julio César Chávez and even promoter Don King.

For this reason, boxing is in his blood and his love for it sprouts from every pore of his skin; so he does not narrate, in the first person, what that experience was like, the way in which he decided to accept the position of president of the WBC and what he expects from the organization's 60th convention, which begins this Monday in Acapulco.

“Since I can remember, boxing has been in my life in my day to day; always seeing a house full of boxers of all kinds, amateurs and professionals, like Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Durán, Julio César Chávez. It was very common to come home from school and meet them..

Of course, he recognizes the work of his father -José Sulaimán-, as well as the absences he had at home to fulfill his desire to open boxing to the world.

“All my life I saw how my dad traveled all over the planet and that caused an absence at home, where my mom had the greatness to also be a dad, although I must not deny that my daddy was always present and now I understand his sacrifice..

In the times of Mr. José Sulaimán there was no fax, email, much less social networks, so he had to open the world of boxing through his work, his travels and everything that happened was due to the passion with which he sought to change the world. boxing, which before was a much more brutal boxing, was dramatic and seeing how the fighters were abused in every way.”.

“My father understood how a human being born in poverty is rejected by society, that in his neighborhood there are so many temptations at hand and they find the path of boxing, that they can change their lives and be good people, become idols. and move countries..

After the death of his father, Mauricio did not aspire to the presidency of the organization, but to a minor position.

“For me, becoming president was something circumstantial, I never understood being president, before his death, my dad and I are clear that I had to run the family business, the factory, and I helped him in boxing simply to be close to him. Time went by and I began to take on more executive responsibilities..

“When my father died I thought my path ended in boxing, but my mother and my wife confirmed to me that I should continue boxing in the World Council and I decided to do it thinking that I was going to stay as executive secretary, but when it was done the election for the new president, in accordance with the regulations, the governing board trusted me, they elected me as president.

In the metaphorical part, he affirms that from that day on his life changed for the better and he talks about his father: he was my idol, the most beloved thing in my life, and to date he is present in me every day of my life. When doing this activity I feel him inside me, I feel that he gives me advice, that he gives me a line of what, how and when..

He recognizes that Don José left a series of dreams, objectives, plans and projects, many of which we have already been able to execute, but the priority for me has been to keep the WBC, with the same principles and values, always thinking about the protection of the fighter.”.

From the convention that begins this Monday in Acapulco, whose objective is to continue building the bases to protect the boxer before, during and after the glory years.

“This convention is very important, boxing is experiencing a golden age, but with it comes many threats, many problems that have to be addressed. The most important thing is to ensure that the fights that the public wants to see take place, that there is unity and respect between promoters, that the television stations work in coordination. The best thing is that we are going to have many champions and I am very happy that Mexico is, once again, the country that receives the world of boxing.

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