Cleto Reyes gloves with contact closure in cowhide

$ 2,239.99 – $ 2,739.31

Easy adjustment closure, practical when training. Manufactured under strict quality controls in leather and in all its materials. The restrained thumb protects the eyes, prevents thumb sprains and fractures. Long...


Cleto Reyes gloves with lace, in cowhide

$ 1,960.01 – $ 2,312.20

Design that offers adjustment to the wrist and forearm, with an extra-long lacing that gives greater protection to the wrist and integrates the glove with the hand. The restrained thumb...


Cleto Reyes High Precision Cowhide Gloves

$ 2,377.00 – $ 2,718.00

Reinforced contact closure, with easy adjustment, guarantees the protection of your fists and hands, it also gives you greater support in the wrist and reduces the possibility of injuries in...


Cleto Reyes headguard with nylon V bar in cowhide

$ 2,340.00 – $ 2,574.01

Traditional mask in cowhide Excellent anatomical three-point fit via hook-and-loop closure at nape, adjustable chin strap and lacing at crown. Lightweight front bumper bar and latex foam cushion. Made of...


Redesigned Cleto Reyes gloves in cowhide

$ 1,960.01 – $ 2,626.80

Greater support in the wrist this design has laces and leather strap for a firm and fast adjustment. Manufactured under strict quality controls in leather and in all its materials....


Cleto Reyes Miniature Gloves with Keychain

$ 120.00

Fine replicas of professional gloves. Miniature vinyl leather glove with keyring. Special print on request.


Cleto Reyes bandages with contact closure

$ 344.00

Cotton contact closure bandage. They protect the hand and wrist during training and fighting. They can be used repeatedly thanks to their composition. Measurement:44mm x 5 meters


Cleto Reyes mouthguard

$ 145.00

mouthguard with case Pleasant flavor and aroma. Large holes in the center to facilitate breathing. White color


Cleto Reyes Backpack

$ 150.00

Sports backpack with Cleto Reyes logo. It is light and with enough space that allows you to have your boxing equipment organized and at hand. Drawstrings double as shoulder straps...


Camiseta olĂ­mpica Cleto Reyes

$ 200.00

Fabricada 100% en poliéster. Con el logo "Cleto Reyes" impreso.


Pear Cleto Reyes for platform in cowhide

$ 1,047.00 – $ 1,257.00

Board pear in cowhide Made of cowhide leather with a resistant lining. To practice reflexes and coordination, the smaller one is faster for experts and the larger one is slower...


Cleto Reyes headguard with nylon U bar in cowhide

$ 2,340.00 – $ 2,574.01

Redesigned nylon bar mask in cowhide Excellent three-point fit via hook-and-loop closure at nape, chin strap and lacing at crown. Light front protection bar; larger interior space without obstruction of...

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