The World Boxing Council presented the Oaxaca (Zapotec Warrior-Jaguar) belt that will be awarded to the winner of the fight on the 17th in Las Vegas, between Saúl Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin


The Oaxaca belt, called the Zapotec Jaguar Warrior, which will be awarded to the winner of the fight on the 17th in Las Vegas, between Saúl Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin, was presented this Wednesday by the World Boxing Council, directed by Mauricio Sulaimán and the Governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat.


Before that, a video was broadcast where the cultural, natural and gastronomic wealth of Oaxaca was exhibited.

Subsequently, the video was shared where the beautiful details that embellish the belt, the meaning they have and the process of their elaboration could be appreciated, by the artist Jacobo Ángeles, with the special collaboration of Cleto Reyes, in whose workshops the belt was assembled for its artisan saddlers.

In his message, Jacobo Ángeles commented: I thank everyone who collaborated to make this beautiful piece and especially the WBC, for taking our culture to the world.".

"We have three gods in the Zapotec culture and one of them is the Jaguar warrior. So that is reflected in this belt, we did it with passion, love and representing the Oaxacan culture. Thank you very much. May the sun illuminate you and the wind accompany them, wherever they go," he concluded.

The entrance belt carried by the hands of two Zapotec indigenous people, Tehuanas, dressed in their traditional costumes and the ovation of those present did not wait, to the sound of the music notes.

When speaking, the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat, said "today is a holiday, because it is the national month, but because it is three years since the earthquake that affected us Oaxacans and we are standing here..

He added that after a great tragedy we can walk stronger, today, tomorrow and always, because the great ambassadors of Mexico are its artists and athletes.”.

"We are a state with 16 languages and 116 dialects, with eight regions; illustrious men like Benito Juárez, the Vasconcelos brothers, are a sample of the warrior heart of the Oaxacan people. The message is that when you add culture and sports you have a great country" .


Wearing the green belt of the World Boxing Council means being the world champion. It is the prize of highest excellence for a boxer, an exceptional icon that every boxer aspires to reach one day.

Normally this belt is made of leather and gold; the green color means hope, while the gold on its central plate honors the reign of the person who wears it.

On this occasion, this emblem has been involved in an arduous intervention process by the Jacobo and María Ángeles Workshop, who, in their exercise of the most meticulous craftsmanship, have endowed this extraordinary effigy with the most distinguished attributes.

This work complements and enhances the integrity of this award, which is decorated by hand in organic and tribal shapes combined in a brilliant color palette that recalls the beginning of his artistic style. In addition to enjoying two select applications in copal wood carving, the workshop's raw material, alluding to the claws of a jaguar, decorated with the now famous gold leaf technique.o.

Passion, pride, courage, illusion, tears and effort are infallible values that the triumph of boxing brings with it, which are juxtaposed with the significance of the decoration by hand, which includes the symbols of Labyrinth, Rattlesnake , House and Person, whose meanings in Zapotec wisdom represent the constant search through the labyrinth, the maximum power which comes from the serpent; the house is the place where the future is protected, grown and planted, and the person is the one who humbly shapes his people and

This is how an honorable Jaguar warrior hands over the absolute banner of discipline, perseverance and courage. A green gold belt, the result of the collaboration of the WBC (World Boxing Council) with the Jacobo and María Ángeles and Cleto Reyes Workshop, aimed at a contemporary warrior, for the next world champion.o.


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