Cuadras pide trilogía

Cuadras requests trilogy

By Rodolfo Rosales S.

Cuadras pide trilogía

Juan Francisco Gallo Estrada and Carlos Príncipe Cuadras exchanged praise and recognized each other's quality, during the virtual Coffee Tuesday of the World Boxing Council, in which world champions Julio César Rey Martínez and Román Chocolatito González were also present. The contest between the two is already a candidate for Fight of the Year. del Año”.

Regarding the fight, Estrada stated: It was a tough fight as we expected. Cuadras surprised me because he came out to fight more standing than I expected; We thought that he would go out more to box and move around the ring because he is very fast, but he came out to fight from the beginning and that allowed us to have a great fight.”.

For his part, Carlos Cuadras declared that Estrada was better that night, and that the key to his rival's triumph was that he loosened it little by little with a variety of blows, but that he never stopped going forward.e.

“Estrada is a great fighter, I felt a stronger punch and with better movements of the waist and head. I remain calm because I left everything above the ring and I think that this fight is enough to face us again, that there be a trilogy, and as the saying goes, that the third time is the charm, and in the third time I can beat him, he pointed out blocks..

Cuadras pide trilogía

Meanwhile, Estrada pointed out that at the end of the tenth round, his corner told him that they were losing the fight on points, so they had to close in the final two rounds.

“We had to give it our all, I had already fallen in the third round, the fight was highly contested, my corner told me that we were going down in the scores, so we came out willing to give it our all, fortunately we were able to resolve it in the eleventh, said Estrada..

The challenger pointed out that the cards were never discussed in his corner, and that the plan was to continue putting pressure on Estrada.

“Unfortunately it caught me well and I couldn't recover, Estrada was better that night and we put up a great fight. I didn't know how the scores were going until the end of the tenth round, my corner was given the scores until the end of the eighth round, we were winning, Cuadras said..


Cuadras pide trilogía

Regarding the controversy that the third round, in which Estrada visited the canvas, was shortened by 23 seconds, the director of the World Boxing Council, Víctor Silva, said that it was a human error when the timer got the timer wrong, and that did not affect the development of the fight, nor the result.

Both Estrada and Cuadras assured that they were not aware of this fact.

El Gallo affirmed on several occasions that he was not hurt, that he visited the canvas because when he wanted to move after receiving an oper, he received a cross that caught him off guard, and that at the moment the bell rang, he was on the ropes defending himself and answering blows.s.

Cuadras, for his part, pointed out that Estrada recovered quickly after the fall, and that although he tried to finish him off, El Gallo responded with combinations.s.

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