Carlos Obregón, "El Ave Fénix"

Carlos Obregon,"The Phoenix Bird"

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The mistakes of youth led Carlos El Fénix Obregón to be a guest at the Reclusorio Norte in Mexico City for five years.ños.

Carlos Obregón "El Ave Fénix"

By Rodolfo Rosales S.

The mistakes of youth led Carlos El Fénix Obregón to be a guest at the Reclusorio Norte in Mexico City for five years.ños.

There, seeing his wings of freedom clipped, he understood that the best thing in this life is to travel the path of goodness.

He was already a professional boxer, well, he had only had one fight and he had lost it, but he already knew how to put his hands in, says the man with strong features, small eyes and a firm look.e.

Already in Reno, as the North Prison is called, he joined the boxing team at the age of 22.d.

“Boxing is my thing, so I gave myself fully to this beautiful sport and then I realized that this was a great therapy for me, because it was part of my reintegration into society, narrates El Fénix.x”.

Thus, in 2015, he participated in the selection process to be part of the team that would represent Reno in the Inter-Prison Tournament.s.

Carlos Obregón "El Ave Fénix"

“It was a long road, full of sacrifices, very hard fights, giving and receiving blows, because all the people deprived of our liberty had the same dream, which was to reach the final of the tournament, which would be in the Santa Martha Acatitla Penitentiary. I was lucky to earn a place in the selective and be in the grand final, at lightweight, he says..

“We reached the final and on the way from the prison to Santa Martha I was daydreaming, excited, dreaming of victory..

After passing the security filters, he arrived at the gym where he underwent medical examinations, then came the weigh-in ceremony and later his fight.

“I went out with everything in search of victory and I got it. I cried with emotion for being champion of the Inter Reclusorios tournament, something unforgettable..

A few months later, at the beginning of 2016, he obtained his freedom, after having paid his debt to society and at the end of that year, Inter reclusorios attended, but as a guest.

El Fénix says that it was exciting to go and that all the inmates asked me for autographs, so I told them that sport, especially boxing, is very useful and makes the stay lighter.ia”.

He has been free for five years and this man who finished high school, who speaks French, Italian and English, now plans to dedicate himself fully to boxing thanks to the support of Roberto Chao and Santiago Vieira, who have supported him since he was released.

Carlos Obregón "El Ave Fénix"

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