Jose Sulaiman Chagnon

Full name
Jose Sulaiman Chagnon

Date of birth
On May 30, 1931, in Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas

Date of death
On January 16, 2014 (82 years old), in Los Angeles, United States

In 1968 he joined the World Boxing Council

Won the world title
On December 5, 1975, he was unanimously elected president of the World Boxing Council, succeeding Professor Ramón G. Velázquez, a position he held until the day of his death.

Among the proposals and changes he made to the rules of boxing are: the reduction of the number of rounds from 15 to 12 in championship fights based on scientific studies - most of them at UCLA -, that fatigue was the boxer's worst enemy; increase from 3 to 4 ropes in the ring; perform the official weight ceremony 24 hours before the fight instead of the 8 hours previously established to avoid dehydration of the competitors; the creation of intermediate divisions; the creation of the World Medical Congress; the introduction of special gloves with the thumb integrated into the rest of the hand to prevent boxers from poking their eyes and reduce the rate of retinal detachment accidents; and the creation of the UCLA Brain Injury Research Programs.

lost his title
He is life president of the World Boxing Council.

By death on January 16, 2014

Jose Sulaiman Chagnon

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