Violence Prevention Campaign 2015

It was a program sponsored by the Ministry of the Interior in 2015, which had the support of the World Boxing Council and a large group of world champions. The glove was signed by:Mariana “Barbie” Juárez (former WBC flyweight champion), Ibeth “Roca” Zamora (WBC light flyweight champion), Esmeralda “Joya” Moreno (WIBA super flyweight champion), Mará Elena Villalobos (former super bantamweight silver world champion) , José Luis Bueno (former WBC super flyweight world champion), Marco Peribán, Carlos Cuadras (WBC super flyweight champion), Humberto “Chiquita” González (former WBC light flyweight world champion), Daniel “Tremendo” Estrada (former WBC lightweight silver world champion), Fancisco “Bandido” Vargas (WBC super featherweight world champion), Rafael “Bazooka” Limón (former WBC super featherweight world champion), Dante “Crazy” Jardón (WBC international lightweight champion), Carloz Zárate (former WBC bantamweight world champion) and Daniel Evangelist.

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