April 28, 2019 Alberto Reyes Humanitarian Awardd”

Don Alberto Reyes Pérez, the great promoter of the Cleto Reyes Gloves brand, was immortalized in the National Boxing Hall of Fame of California, when he was awarded the Alberto Reyes Humanitarian Award for the first time, for his humanitarian work throughout his life. , by supporting boxers, managers and people linked to the boxing environment. The ceremony was held on April 28 in Montebello, California.a.

After an emotional message from Jill Diamond, International Secretary of the World Boxing Council and International President of WBC Cares, which moved those present, where she highlighted the nobility of Don Alberto Reyes, came the delivery of the Alberto Reyes Humanitarian Award, which Elizabeth Reyes received. , his daughter.”.

“I am very grateful to all my family, to our friends, to all the family that gathered today in honor of so many people who have collaborated in this sport and especially my father.

He leaves us an example of love for our neighbor and solidarity, we assume the commitment to transmit it to the next generations and permeate it to our collaborators..

“To commemorate this day we have had the collaboration of an artist and muralist named Jorge Prado, who painted a collection of eight gloves called Love for Mexico, where he highlights the values of Mexican roots and makes an analogy with the Cleto brand Kings.s”.

Then, with her brothers Malena and Alberto, Elizabeth Reyes added: We are also presenting a special edition called El Camino del Guerrero. It is a representation of a pre-Hispanic god of work, whose edition is limited and we are pleased to present a piece for the Hall of Fame to Linda and Bill.ll”.

After that, a video prepared by the World Boxing Council was projected, with the title Goodbye dear friend.”.

Those inducted into the National Boxing Hall of Fame of California were the already legendary and great Mexican champion Julio César Chávez, Michael Carbajal, Humberto Chiquita González, David Díaz, Montell Griffin, Sean O'Grady, Raúl Jíbaro Pérez, Lucía Rijker, Mike weaver.eaver.

The awards that were delivered were: Don José Sulaimán Lifetime Achievement Award, for Bill Caplan; Alberto Reyes Humanitarian Award for the Reyes family, which Elizabeth Reyes received; Bobby Chacón Gift a Love Award, for Jim Amato; the Howie Steindler was received by Sean O'Grady; while the Boxing Book of the Year Award went to Gene Aguilera and the posthumous tribute to Jack Johnson.k Jhonson.

May 7, 2019 IMPI RecognitionI”

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) awarded Cleto Reyes gloves recognition for their international projection, within the framework of World Intellectual Property Day.

Industria Reyes S.A, owner of the Cleto Reyes brand Los guantes de los campeones, scored one more victory in its long and fruitful career in the manufacture of boxing implements, upon receiving recognition from the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), within the framework of World Intellectual Property Day, dedicated this 2019 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to sports.s.

The event was held at the Museo Salón Deporte, a venue dedicated to promoting sports culture and which since 2017 has exhibited 2,139 national and international sports pieces on basketball, Olympic sports, wrestling, tennis, boxing, soccer, motor racing and baseball.l.

Malena, Elizabeth and Alberto Reyes Alemán attended to receive this distinction from Juan Lozano, director of the IMPI, the third generation of the family dedicated to the manufacture of gloves for boxing fights, which began with Mr. Cleto Reyes Castro and which Don Alberto Reyes Pérez, his son, continued.

Cleto Reyes, the brand of gloves for professional fights and training, was distinguished by its international projection, since a large part of the world champions from any Continent have used its gloves.

The director of the IMPI, Juan Lozano, had a speech peppered with personal anecdotes, when he referred to the award-winning Mexican brands: Cleto Reyes, Síclo, Alubike and Groene Turf, but when he referred to boxing his memory was wide.

“As a child, at home, we had a pool, which was empty because it was useless and since my brothers and cousins had our Reyes' gloves, we would get into it, use it as a ring and not come out until someone cried. I thought that since we all had those gloves of this brand, Mr. Reyes was very rich. Now I know that it is a company with tradition, he affirmed when highlighting the important role and innovative contributions of Mexican companies and brands in the sports sector.o.

In her thank you message, Elizabeth Reyes, Deputy General Director of Industria Reyes S.A, said: Thank you very much, our father (Don Alberto Reyes) died recently and not with a lot of money, but he did have a lot of friends, with a lot of history; We are the third generation of a family business and today we thank IMPI for this recognition and for having remembered us for the event they had in Genoa on April 26.”.

And he added: I will tell you a little about the story of our grandfather, Mr. Cleto Reyes, the founder of this company, who since 1939 has been dedicated to the manufacture of gloves and which in 1945 were used for the first time in a world championship fight.”.

He recalled that the brand is 44 years old and that throughout that time we have relied heavily on intellectual property. We have around 50 registrations in more than ten countries. And well, we keep moving forward and yes, our gloves are an inspiration for young people who want to be great world champions.”.

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