Cleto Reyes Castro was born in Mexico City on April 26, 1920, at the height of the national reconstruction after 10 years of Revolutionary struggle. Due to the difficult economic situation of his family, at the age of 12 he began working in a saddlery workshop where baseball items were manufactured.

In 1936, while he was studying elementary school in front of the Peralvillo Cozumel Arena, his great love of boxing was born. In 1938 Cleto Reyes managed to participate in an amateur tournament, offering such a good fight that it motivated the public to throw coins into the ring; but the blows received were enough to persuade him not to fight again. However, he decided to fix the gloves he used during the fight, thus starting glove making.

Later it obtained the approval of the Federal District Boxing Commission, and in 1945 Cleto Reyes' gloves were used for the first time in a World Championship. "El Coso de la Condesa" was the scene of the fight between the second Mexican champion Juan Zurita and Ike Williams.

This year was very important, since Don Cleto decided to become independent, always counting on the help of his wife and children.

In 1965 it had its first representative in the City of Los Angeles, who began to distribute its articles in the most important places in the United States of America and other countries.

It was in 1970 that Alberto Reyes, son of Don Cleto, joined his father's efforts with a business vision, registering the Cleto Reyes brand in 1975 and founding in 1979 what is now Industria Reyes, SA de CV


To be a proudly Mexican company that provides athletes from all over the world with the best sports equipment.


Responsibility, Respect and Honesty.


Develop, manufacture and market boxing products and their accessories through skilled craftsmen and technology , meeting the expectations of quality, safety and high performance of the athletes; with worldwide recognition.

Relevant events

1990 1991 1994 2008 2015 2016 2019 2020

Recognition from the Secretary of Commerce and Industrial Development as a Highly Exporting Company (ALTEX).

Recognition from Banco Bital and Bancomext for the diversification of the international market.

Delivery of the INTEREXPORTA card granted by Bancomext and first-tier credit institutions from the hands of the Constitutional President of the Mexican Republic.

Cleto Reyes Castro

Awarded with the National Export Award.

Cleto Reyes Castro

World Boxing Hall of Fame.

It is a pleasure for Industria Reyes to inform that on November 15, 2008, Mr. Alberto Reyes, founder and current Director of this company, was inducted into the Hall of Fame of California, USA during its 29th Annual Induction Banquet. In the year 2005 the same Hall of Fame during its 26th. Banquete delivered an acknowledgment by the President of the WBHF to Mr. Cleto Reyes (RIP), who was received by his son, Mr. Alberto Reyes.

Cleto Reyes Castro

In this memorable ceremony were also inducted: Mr. Miguel DĂ­az, trainer and specialist in injuries above the ring, originally from Argentina and based in Las Vegas; the Japanese trainer and promoter Akihiko Honda, the Venezuelan Mr. Gilberto Mendoza, president of the WBA and in the category of Boxers: Greg Haugen, Marvin Johnson, Lennox Lewis and Pernell Whitaker. The Recognition of "Professional Career" was also given to the Great Boxing Promoter of the state of Nevada, Mr. Bob Arum.

The specific purpose of the World Boxing Hall of Fame (WBHF) is to establish The Boxing Hall of Fame; educate and inform the general public about the outstanding athletes of professional boxing; recognize and honor the great former boxers and professional idols as well as those who have contributed to the history of professional boxing; to promote safe and healthy participation in amateur boxing and generate public interest and support for amateur boxing.

We thank all our friends, collaborators, clients and suppliers for their trust and loyalty and we reiterate our commitment to continue raising the name of Mexico by offering them the best boxing equipment and supporting our beloved sport.

70 years in the fists of champions

Lottery ticket

On April 18, 2015, it was 70 years since the CLETO REYES gloves were used for the first time in a world championship fight; the one held on April 18, 1945 in the Plaza de Toros la Condesa, between the Mexican lightweight world champion Juan Zurita and his American challenger Ike Williams.

Cleto Reyes Castro

For this reason, 70 years of being in the fists of the champions were commemorated: I remembered that my father, Mr. Cleto Reyes, told us that he had made the gloves for that fight, so as they say popularly, I dived into the trunk of memories and I found the photo of the gloves and the belt, said Mr. Alberto Reyes, general director of Industria Reyes S.A. of C.V.

The celebration of 70 years was not only internal, but it had a great impact to such a degree that on April 24, 2015 the National Lottery paid us an invaluable tribute, by designing a ticket for the draw of the jackpot of that day, with the photo of Don Cleto Reyes and the gloves of the champions.

Cleto Reyes Castro

And it is that to speak of boxing is to remember that Don Cleto Reyes forged an industry where the gloves of this outstanding Mexican shine to this day.

During these seven decades, Mexican world champions of all time; especially in the golden age, the 60's have used our gloves, as well as fighters such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao have used Cleto Reyes gloves.

Cleto Reyes

Mr. Alberto Reyes, who continued his father's legacy, was moved by the distinction made by the National Lottery. This tribute is something important for the family and for those who work in the company, the truth fills me with emotion talking about this. It's not easy... it's seven decades

In gratitude, Alberto Reyes presented gloves as an award to the director of administration of the National Lottery, Sergio René Coppel Padilla, who commented: It is an honor to receive this recognition from one of the businessmen who puts the name of the Mexican industry very high, we will have it in a very special place, he pointed out.

Also present at the draw were Elizabeth, Magdalena and Alberto Reyes AlemĂĄn, as well as Mr. Rafael Mendoza Realpozo.

Platinum Glove Delivery

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, a gala dinner was held, which began with the unveiling of the bust of our founder, Mr. Cleto Reyes, by Mauricio SulaimĂĄn SaldĂ­var, president of the World Boxing Council.

Mr. Alberto Reyes commented: "This celebration is thanks to all the boxers who have supported us for 70 years and we are to their liking; thanks to them we are here. We, mainly, demand of ourselves to give the best service and always be respectful", pointed.

Cleto Reyes

In addition, for the first time in the company's history, the Platinum Glove was awarded to personalities and companies that have contributed to giving boxing and fighters a special place in the hearts and culture of Mexicans.

The first of them was postmortem for Mr. José Sulaimån Chagnón, who dedicated his entire life to seeking the benefit of the boxer; Mauricio Sulaimån Saldívar, for giving continuity to his father's legacy.

Another recognition went to the legendary boxing agent and journalist, Mr. Rafael La Cobra Mendoza; the professor and historian specialized in boxing, VĂ­ctor Cota LeĂłn, was another of the winners.

Cleto Reyes

In addition to the Tecate and Corona breweries; and the television companies TV Azteca and Televisa.

World champions Carlos Cuadras attended the celebration. Pedro Guevara, the ladies Irma García, Zulina Muñoz, Ibeth Zamora, Yéssica Gonzålez, Esmeralda Moreno and former champions Daniel Zaragoza, Cristiån Mijares, Edgar Sosa, Francisco Vargas, the wrestler El Hijo del Santo and the actor Gabriel Soto.

As a setting, an exhibition based on four scenarios was placed, where the main theme was the evolution of the glove, from four thousand years before Christ to the present day, which had a great impact among those present and was mounted by Blanca Garduño .

Cleto Reyes

National Boxing Hall of Fame

On April 30, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Alberto Reyes was inducted into the "National Boxing Hall of Fame", together with his father Mr. Cleto Reyes (posthumously), for his career and contribution to boxing over the years. Throughout the 71 years that Industria Reyes S.A. de C.V., has been in world championship fights.

Cleto Reyes

His children and grandchildren, as well as the friends he has made throughout his life, witnessed the moment in which Mr. Alberto Reyes entered boxing immortality, alongside great figures of world boxing.

Mr. Reyes was inducted along with: Gwen Adair, Gene Aguilera, Carlos Baeza, Erubey Chango Carmona, Bobby ChacĂłn, Dr. Michael DeLuca, Rodolfo Gato GonzĂĄlez, Joe Noriega, Joey Orbillo, Carlos Palomino, Leon Spinks, Tony Triem, James Tuney , Thell Torrence, Shelley Williams, Wild Card Gym Freddie Roach.ach.

Cleto Reyes

And, in the posthumous recognition category, Cleto Reyes became a guest of the National Boxing Hall of Fame along with the great Henry Armstrong and Eddie Futch.

Mr. Alberto Reyes was pleased with his induction into the Hall of Fame, along with his father, because it is a way of recognizing the work that has been done in the company in these 71 years and especially because my father started this work and Now my children are also part of this project.

He assured that the Cleto Reyes gloves have undergone many modifications and that they will continue to have them according to the needs of the boxers, in search of delivering a product that is the best possible, since perfection is our goal every day, in each product that we manufacture. . He indicated that, without wishing to exaggerate, Cleto Reyes' products are among the three best in the world and that he remains committed to the manufacture of his products, because we export them all over the world and we cannot send defective products, all our products pass strict quality control.

April 28, 2019 Alberto Reyes Humanitarian Awardd”

Don Alberto Reyes PĂ©rez, the great promoter of the Cleto Reyes Gloves brand, was immortalized in the National Boxing Hall of Fame in California, when he received the Alberto Reyes Humanitarian Award for the first time, for his humanitarian work throughout his life. , by supporting boxers, managers and people linked to the boxing world. The ceremony was held on April 28 in Montebello, California.a.

Cleto Reyes

After an emotional message from Jill Diamond, International Secretary of the World Boxing Council and International President of WBC Cares, which moved those present, where she highlighted the nobility of Mr. Alberto Reyes, came the delivery of the Alberto Reyes Humanitarian Award, which was received by Elizabeth Reyes , his daughter.”.

“I am very grateful to all my family, to our friends, to the whole family that gathered today in honor of so many people who have collaborated in this sport, and especially my father.

He leaves us an example of love for others and solidarity, we assume the commitment to transmit it to the next generations and permeate it to our collaborators..

“To commemorate this day we have had the collaboration of an artist and muralist named Jorge Prado, who painted a collection of eight gloves called Amor por MĂ©xico, where he highlights the values of Mexican roots and makes an analogy with the Cleto brand. Kings.s”.

Later, with her brothers Malena and Alberto, Elizabeth Reyes added: We are also presenting a special edition called El Camino del Guerrero. It is a representation of a pre-Hispanic god of work, whose edition is limited and we are pleased to present a piece for the Hall of Fame to Linda and Bill.ll”.

Cleto Reyes

After that, a video prepared by the World Boxing Council was projected, with the title Goodbye dear friend.”.

Those inducted into the National Boxing Hall of Fame in California were the already legendary and great Mexican champion Julio CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez, Michael Carbajal, Humberto Chiquita GonzĂĄlez, David DĂ­az, Montell Griffin, Sean O'Grady, RaĂșl JĂ­baro PĂ©rez, LucĂ­a Rijker, Mike Weaver.eaver.

The awards that were given were: Don José Sulaimån Lifetime Achievement Award, for Bill Caplan; Alberto Reyes Humanitarian Award for the Reyes family, which Elizabeth Reyes received; Bobby Chacón Gift a Love Award, for Jim Amato; the Howie Steindler was received by Sean O'Grady; while the Boxing Book of the Year Award went to Gene Aguilera and the posthumous tribute to Jack Jhonson.k Jhonson.

May 7, 2019 Recognition of the IMPII”

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) awarded Cleto Reyes gloves with recognition for their international projection, within the framework of World Intellectual Property Day.

Industria Reyes S.A, owner of the Cleto Reyes brand The gloves of the champions, scored another victory in its long and fruitful career in the manufacture of boxing implements, receiving recognition from the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), within the framework of World Intellectual Property Day, dedicated this 2019 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to sports.s.

Cleto Reyes

The event was held at the Museo SalĂłn Deporte, a venue dedicated to promoting sports culture and which since 2017 has exhibited 2,139 national and international sports pieces on basketball, Olympic sports, wrestling, tennis, boxing, soccer, motor racing and baseball.

Malena, Elizabeth and Alberto Reyes AlemĂĄn, the third generation of the family dedicated to the manufacture of gloves for boxing fights, which began with Cleto Reyes Castro and that the Mr. Alberto Reyes PĂ©rez, his son, continued.

Cleto Reyes, the brand of gloves for professional and training fights, was distinguished for its international projection, due to the fact that a large part of the world champions of any Continent have used its gloves.

The director of the IMPI, Juan Lozano, had a speech sprinkled with personal anecdotes, when he referred to the award-winning Mexican brands: Cleto Reyes, SĂ­clo, Alubike and Groene Turf, but when he referred to boxing his memory was broad

“As a child, at home, we had a pool, which was empty because it was useless, and since my brothers and cousins had our Reyes gloves, we would get into it, use it as a ring, and not come out until someone cried. I thought that since we all had those gloves of this brand, Mr. Reyes was very rich. Now I know that it is a traditional company, he affirmed, highlighting the important role and innovative contributions of Mexican companies and brands in the sports sector.o.

Cleto Reyes

In her message of thanks, Elizabeth Reyes, deputy general director of Industria Reyes S.A, said: Thank you very much, our father (Don Alberto Reyes) died recently and not with much money, but very rich in friends, with a lot of history; We are the third generation of a family business and today we thank IMPI for this recognition and for remembering us for the event they held in Genoa on April 26.”.

And he added: I will tell you a little about the story of our grandfather, Don Cleto Reyes, the founder of this company, who since 1939 has dedicated himself to the manufacture of gloves and that in 1945 they were used for the first time in a world championship fight.”.

He recalled that the brand is 44 years old and that throughout that time we have relied heavily on intellectual property. We have around 50 registrations in more than ten countries. And well, we keep moving forward and yes, our gloves are an inspiration for young people who want to be great world champions.”.

Proudly made in Mexico

Cleto Reyes

With testimonies and memories that made your skin crawl, with Mauricio SulaimĂĄn SaldĂ­var, president of the World Boxing Council, and the great Mexican champion, Julio CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), through its director Juan Lozano gave Cleto Reyes gloves the declaration of Notorious Brand, on December 16, 2020.

Cleto Reyes

“Many thanks to our guests of honor, Mauricio SulaimĂĄn and Julio CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez, and to IMPI for this recognition. I want to tell you that the prestige and quality of the Cleto Reyes brand has crossed our borders supported by the network of distributors, athletes and fans who recognize and seek our products, said Elizabeth Reyes, executive director of Industria Reyes S.A.A.

Cleto Reyes

He added that Cleto Reyes currently has 31 trademark registrations in Mexico and ten abroad, protecting the trademark in 18 countries and that there is worldwide monitoring to protect our clients and as the great champion said: he is going to be difficult in the first rounds, but in the end my boxing and my class are going to prevail'; in the same way it was the beginning of our company, with great sacrifices, but with a focus on quality.

“Thank you champion for allowing us to accompany you in your career, we are a company that is proud to have walked alongside the greats of world boxing. Proudly, Mexico is the second country with the most world champions and is home to the World Boxing Council. Thank you Mauricio for your trust and commitment to promote safe boxing. This recognition we received endorses our commitment to continue offering high quality equipment that provides comfort and safety; thanks to the IMPI for recognizing our work and helping us to protect it through the Notorious Trademark.

After Elizabeth Reyes' presentation, an exciting video was shown in which the history of the Cleto Reyes gloves was compared to a 12-round fight, spectacularly narrated by Carlos Alberto Aguilar.

The video moved feelings and memories, as was the case of Mauricio Sulaimån: I grew up with this brand. Many years ago my dad (Don José Sulaimån) came home with the gloves that Muhammad Ali used against George Foreman, I played with them and they were Cleto Reyes, he recalled.

Cleto Reyes

“I remember the way in which Don Alberto Reyes, son of Don Cleto Reyes, with a lot of effort, sacrifice and enthusiasm, turned a family workshop into a large company, with two plants and warehouses, with all the complications that a company has, but always with the illusion of being the best and maintaining its quality; stated the president of the WBC.

He added that Reyes always has the threat of unfair competition and piracy in Pakistan, because since you are the best, they imitate you, but if you were bad, they would not even fight you.

For Mauricio SulaimĂĄn, the great champions use Cleto Reyes because it is the best glove that exists and we have worked hand in hand in many aspects. I remember that the WBC called on Cleto Reyes to design the glove with the thumb attached, to avoid the common practice of gouging the eye, which caused several retinal detachments. We have also developed the glove for women, with greater protection and countless things, we have always worked together.

“So today, having Julio CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez is something very special, he is the greatest exponent of Mexican boxing, with 37 world title fights, 14 years undefeated, he has all the records and if ChĂĄvez had something, it was loyalty, he never gave in to the temptations of a sponsorship and he was always loyal to Cleto Reyes, because it was the glove that made him champion, he assured.

Cleto Reyes

“¿What were your first gloves? Julio, Mauricio asked Chavez.

Cleto Reyes Proudly Made in Mexico

“I debuted on February 5, 1980 in Culiacán and I used Cleto Reyes gloves and as champion, all my defenses were pure Cleto Reyes, I never liked to use other gloves. I remember that when I went to France they wanted to put other gloves on me, but I told them no, bring me Cleto Reyes. I don't know if the glove made me much better or because it was a habit, Julius Caesar narrated.

“¿What can you say to the Reyes brothers for this recognition, Mauricio questioned Julio.

“I congratulate you for the great work you have done over many years. Imagine, the best world champions in history have used Cleto Reyes. This recognition is a great joy, not only for them, but for all of Mexico, because the gloves were created and are made in Mexico, that they were used by Muhammad Ali, the best fighter in all of history, speaks of their quality, said Chávez. To conclude, he pointed out that I always felt safe with the Cleto Reyes gloves.

Cleto Reyes

Mr. Juan Lozano, director of the IMPI, was very emotional when referring to the event: I want to congratulate the Reyes family for this important achievement, Mauricio SulaimĂĄn for being here, for that leadership that makes us feel proud to be Mexican. And then imagine, the privilege that it represents for a Mexican to take his flag, do something better than the others and win a championship. How many times our flag waved and the National Anthem was played, it was like watching a movie, like when he beat Meldrick Taylor, it was spectacular.

Then, he talked about his experience with the gloves: Those of us who were born in Mexico have an experience with Cleto Reyes. I was one of those guys who had his Cleto Reyes gloves, so I locked myself in my room with my cousins and neighbors to put on the gloves and the game ended when one of us cried.

“Today he congratulated the Reyes family, because we are talking about an example of business success. Cleto Reyes has made the name of Mexico resonate in the world. We have seen those gloves on the fists of Chavez and other champions, for which our recognition was an obligation, he said.

He commented that having a Notorious Trademark means that the trademark is protected, because the trademarks are exposed to piracy and unfair competition, but that when you have the notoriety of your trademark, the protection falls, because if someone comes to request the registration of a trademark who resembles Cleto Reyes in any way, will not be allowed. This recognition is made by the Mexican State to a group of Mexicans who have made the name of our country sound with great pride in the world.

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