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Find official boxing equipment for professional fights, as well as Amateur and MMA equipment. Always taking care of the fists of the champions

Cleto Reyes Olympic T-shirt

$ 200.00

Made 100% polyester. With the"Cleto Reyes"logo printed.


Cleto Reyes official leather fight gloves

$ 1,822.00 – $ 2,095.30

Approved by the main boxing organizations in the world, to be used in world championship fights. Manufactured under strict quality controls on leather and all its materials. Restrained thumb protects...


Official Cleto Reyes Safetec leather fight gloves

$ 1,822.00 – $ 2,095.30

Conformed with"Safetec"foam, which lasts 200 times longer than the traditional fight glove The"Safetec"foam developed by Cleto Reyes has a special formulation that gives it a consistency equivalent to that of...


Cleto Reyes gloves for MMA fight in leather

$ 1,300.00 – $ 1,376.00

Constructed of soft, durable cowhide leather and latex cushioning Design that allows movement of the hand and fingers for a firm hold. Guaranteed to last and provide maximum protection that...


Cleto Reyes extra large 180 cm MMA bag in leather

$ 10,200.49

Boxing bag in beef leather, handmade padding Dynamic exercisers for skill and movement. They intensify body strengthening as well as forceful hitting. With fasteners and reinforced seams.For the padding we...


Cleto Reyes leather gloves for amateur boxing

$ 1,800.00 – $ 1,860.00

Specifically designed for Olympic-type competition Made of cowhide with water repellent lining Elastic cuff for quick and easy adjustment sale by pair Made of beef leather. The molded foam, developed...


Cleto Reyes amateur skin mask

$ 1,740.00 – $ 1,933.00

Head protector for amateur boxing. Specific design for Olympic-type competitions Firm support, strap and lace adjustment at the crown of the head and velcro closure at the back. Protection with...


Thai Pad Cleto Reyes in leather for MMA

$ 3,000.00

Highly recommended for martial arts practitioners. Made of leather. Support bar and two velcro straps for a firm fit. Combination of foams that make it light, rigid and shock absorbing. ...


Cleto Reyes"Girl"official leather fight gloves, white, 8z

$ 1,822.00

last piece! Fight glove authorized by the World Boxing Council for women's fights. Traditional slim design for greater precision in hitting, which makes them preferred by world champions. Manufactured under...

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