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Copa protectora Cleto Reyes con riñonera en piel de res, blanco

$ 1,949.19 – $ 2,156.00

Concha Protectora con Riñonera en cuero de Res Diseño ancho en la cadera, da protección amplia a los riñones. Modelo anatómico. Cómodo y flexible. Concha con bordes acojinados para libertad...


Copa protectora Cleto Reyes tradicional en piel, colores especiales

$ 1,454.20 – $ 1,672.00

Concha Protectora Modelo Tradicional Fabricada en cuero de res y cojín de espuma de látex, cintas elásticas en las piernas y cierre de contacto. Modelo anatómico cómodo y flexible. Concha...


Cleto Reyes canvas sack, large

$ 2,280.50

Large Cleto reyes canvas sack:Made in Mexico by the hands of highly qualified artisans, with the selection of the best materials on the market and under strict quality controls. Helps...


Dije de plata Cleto Reyes

$ 1,403.99

Réplica finamente detallada por plateros mexicanos. Cadena no incluida Tamaño: 20mm.


Governor Cleto Reyes to hit on cowhide

$ 2,099.99 – $ 3,223.00

Round cushion in cowhide for blows They make it easier for the coach to develop the athlete's agility, practicing all kinds of shots. SKUs SIZE DIAMETER WEIGHT FEATURES N803 yes...


Cleto Reyes gloves with extra padding in cowhide

$ 2,469.00 – $ 2,614.00

With a 5 cm thick padding in the hitting area for greater protection. The restrained thumb protects the eyes, prevents thumb sprains and fractures. Long lasting latex foam cushion. Water-repellent...


Cleto Reyes High Precision Cowhide Gloves

$ 2,377.00 – $ 2,718.00

Reinforced contact closure, with easy adjustment, guarantees the protection of your fists and hands, it also gives you greater support in the wrist and reduces the possibility of injuries in...


Cleto Reyes Miniature Gloves with Keychain

$ 120.00

Fine replicas of professional gloves. Miniature vinyl leather glove with keyring. Special print on request.


Cleto Reyes Suitcase

$ 999.00

Original design in nylon with printed"Cleto Reyes"logo. Handles for hand and adjustable shoulder strap. Two pockets on the sides, one of them with mesh for ventilation of gloves, bandages and...


Cleto Reyes mouthguard

$ 145.00

mouthguard with case Pleasant flavor and aroma. Large holes in the center to facilitate breathing. White color


Cleto Reyes headguard with nylon V bar in cowhide

$ 2,340.00 – $ 2,574.01

Traditional mask in cowhide Excellent anatomical three-point fit via hook-and-loop closure at nape, adjustable chin strap and lacing at crown. Lightweight front bumper bar and latex foam cushion. Made of...

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