Meet the character who has captivated the world of boxing, under the umbrella of the WBC and who will join Cleto Reyes' Espíritu de Campeón program


One day he appeared at one of the World Boxing Council events and captivated everyone because he is body, mind and spirit, he is a monkey-man with long hair and a beard, but ironically, he has no eyebrows, his name is Josejas.”.


He has a great love for family, health, boxing, drug use prevention, and motivation.

When asked where he was born. He answers without hesitation: I am more of a chilango than anything and regarding his name he says that it is a play on words, because if you notice I have eyebrows, but in real life I am very eyebrowy.ón”.

Regarding his mission in this world, Josejas shakes his head from one side to the other and his beard and long hair go from one side to the other: my mission is to raise awareness among the youth and in boxing, which is a pretty tough”.

He adds that I am here to promote awareness through boxing, in what is the discipline of the body, mind and spirit and to be the voice of the fighters.”.

Regarding his somewhat wild image, he comments that sometimes people don't understand all this, the physical image, they tell me because you look primitive and I answer that it is for the simple reason that primitives evolve.”.

About how he was received in the world of boxing, he affirms that at first it was difficult, because in boxing we have a very different way of seeing things and it was not easy to communicate the message of inviting people to believe in them.”.

He affirms that his character has a totally social sense and that he is using the sport for that: the same as Cleto Reyes with his Champion Spirit program, with which he does a great job, sponsoring low-income people with a team of boxing to fulfill their dreams of being champions.”.

“Josejas affirms that contrary to what I imagined, the children have accepted it wonderfully: that is very good, because they have connected with me very well, I invite them to be better and they hug me and even take photos with me, he concludes .e.