JC volvería a pelear en el Estadio Azteca

JC would fight again at the Azteca Stadium

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The immortal Julio César Chávez is willing to offer an exhibition fight in Mexico City, for the benefit of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Rodolfo Rosales S.

The immortal Julio César Chávez is willing to offer an exhibition fight in Mexico City, for the benefit of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During a talk with Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the World Boxing Council, Chávez shared the way in which he makes quarantine enjoyable, his willingness to help people, his fall and exit from addictions.

Always smiling, Julio said that confinement does not affect him because when I was a professional fighter I concentrated for up to two months, I was isolated and well, the body has memory, and although I no longer concentrate, I am mentally prepared.”.

When Mauricio Sulaimán asked Julio César how he was doing in quarantine, Chávez smiled and told him: I'm having a good time, remember that I lived locked up in concentrations for a long time, up to two months; my body and my mind are already used to it.os”.

Regarding living at home, I comment that I have had a good time with the family, with my wife, eat and eat; exercising, happy; but at the same time worried, because this pandemic has been growing and we hope that these two weeks will be the peak and it will start to go down and control everything, because people need to work, eat, let's see what we do after it happens, do something beneficial to the people, he told the WBC president.BC.

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Mauricio was moved and replied: A show, a fight like the ones you have done, possibly in the Azteca stadium or in the Plaza de Toros México, looking for perfectly clear causes and taking advantage of your leadership.”.

“Of course, you are very good for that, we agree. I'm old now, but thank God the people have responded very well to my exhibitions, you were in Hermosillo, in the second fight with the toothy Arce..

The president of the WBC told him that your fights with El Travieso', because for me they are fights, not exhibitions, because they have trained for them, they have been very good, because they get on seriously.o”.

And he added: I was at the one in Hermosillo and it was incredible, it was as if Chávez was defending his world title, 14,000 people attended to see JC against El Travieso,' I congratulate them. Naughty' is a great boy, he behaves at the level, they make a good dumbbell.na”.

“Many people think that it is getting into the ring and that's it, but no, we train, we don't play crazy, and with the mask the blows resound and in the ring one warms up the body has a memory, but the most important thing is that people come out extremely happy, like a real fight and that makes us relive the glorious moments when we fought, they are beneficial things and that fills me with satisfaction, Chávez was moved while talking.r.

He then announced that because Óscar de la Hoya does not want to lose weight, he and Arce already plan to do a third battle. The tooth is very bad, but brave, they entered, we make a good dumbbell and people leave happy.”.


Then, he recalled how, thanks to Don José Sulaimán, he had the opportunity to dispute the WBC super featherweight world title with Mario Azabache Martínez.z.

“It was something incredible, because I had stolen my wife, I had taken her from Culiacán to Mazatlán and when we were about to do that, the police arrived, I thought it was for having stolen her, but it was to give me the news that he was going to to dispute the world title, they told me that they were looking for me all over Culiacán, so they caught me with my pants down and they can't do anything, because I went to Culiacán, then I traveled to Los Angeles, to sign the contract with Don King , that was the first time I got on a plane, and then I focused on Mexico City..

Julio Cesar Chavez2

I would add that I will always be very grateful to your Don José Sulaimán because he was the first to take me to a rehabilitation clinic and he always told me: I don't want you to end badly, you don't know what you're worth to Mexico, that you end on the street. I am going to fight so that it is clean. He came to Tijuana and took me to a clinic in San Diego, he paid his money, because I was in bad shape financially, but I gave him the pleasure of seeing me clean, of seeing me well, thank God, and that's what I'm left with. .o”.

“The only thing I can say about Don José is blessings. I remember that he came from Mexico to Tijuana, and he said don't tell my children because they will get angry and jealous', he was very good, concluded Julio César Chávez..

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