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Jackie Nava encabeza  campaña “Pasa el guante”


The WBC Cares and Cleto Reyes, the gloves of the champions, expose the weight that Mexican women carry when doing self-exams to detect and prevent breast cancer.

Jackie Nava encabeza  campaña “Pasa el guante”

Breast cancer is one of the main causes of death in Mexican women, for this reason WBC Cares and Cleto Reyes, the champions' gloves, joined forces this October 19, World Day to Fight Breast Cancer , and launched the Peso con Causa program to raise awareness among all women about the early detection of this disease.d.

This joint action included the participation of the most emblematic boxer from Mérico: Jackie La Princesa Azteca Nava, during the pre-weighing ceremony for her fight against Mariana Vary Juárez on October 30, which took place during the traditional Tuesday WBC Coffee.WBC.

Jackie Nava encabeza  campaña “Pasa el guante”

During the weigh-in, the scale instead of showing the weight of our boxer, showed an incorrect tonnage, which aroused the curiosity of the press to know what the problem was.

Given this, Jackie responded to the press, revealing the reason for her weight.

“It's not really the weight on the scale, nor my weight, it has nothing to do with my body, this weight is the emotional weight that all women carry. And that weight is the fear of self-exploration, the fear of going to the doctor.”  commented The Aztec Princess.”.

The boxer mentioned that said fear is that of the beliefs and taboos that exist around our body and that causes women not to self-explore their breasts.

Jackie Nava encabeza  campaña “Pasa el guante”

He added that the fear of hearing a positive diagnosis of the disease can be so strong that women prefer not to do so, increasing the chances of not being able to carry out a timely detection.

This is an invitation to all women to join in removing their fear and passing the gauntlet through social networks with our family and friends so that they can explore themselves.”  expressed Nava, thus inviting more women to Pass the Glove, an initiative by Cleto Reyes and WBC Care that seeks to create a chain of support on social networks so that women challenge themselves to overcome fear and go to the doctor for a checkup or perform a self-exam for breast cancer.a.

While Christiane Manzur, Director of WBC Cares, reiterated her concern about this weight that continues to cause women to lose the battle against cancer:: “We wanted to make noise with Jackie's weight, it's not that she's not on the weight, she's a pro. Rather, we wanted to reflect that weight that women carry, the emotional weight of fear that having to go to the doctor to check ourselves or self-examine causes us.  commented and reiterated the invitation for women to join the initiative of Passing the Glove through social networks to deal with the disease:d: “The initiative is, I touched myself and he passed you the glove so that now you touch yourself.”  Manzura finished.

Jackie Nava encabeza  campaña “Pasa el guante”

Meanwhile, Magdalena Reyes, a member of Cleto Reyes, reiterated the importance of detecting this disease on time: “The most important thing is to prevent and not be afraid of self-exploration so that the battle is much easier. With prevention there is no battle,,  concluded.

Jackie Nava encabeza  campaña “Pasa el guante”

Upload your stories on Instagram using Cleto Reyes' #PasaElGlove stickers, and invite your friends and family to accept the challenge of doing a self-exam or visiting the doctor.

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