Cleto Reyes, orgullosamente hecho en México

Cleto Reyes, proudly made in Mexico

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The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), granted the Gloves of the Champions the recognition of Notorious Brand, Mauricio Sulaimán and Julio César Chávez, were the witnesses of honor.

By Rodolfo Rosales S.

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) granted the Gloves of the Champions the recognition of Notorious Brand, Mauricio Sulaimán and Julio César Chávez, were the witnesses of honor.

Cleto Reyes Orgullosamente Hecho en México

With testimonials and memories that made my skin crawl, with Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar, president of the World Boxing Council, and the great Mexican champion, Julio César Chávez, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, through its director Juan Lozano, Cleto Reyes gave the gloves the Notorious Trademark declaration.

“Many thanks to our guests of honor, Mauricio Sulaimán and Julio César Chávez, and to IMPI for this recognition. I want to tell you that the prestige and quality of the Cleto Reyes brand has crossed our borders supported by the network of distributors, athletes and fans who recognize and seek our products, said Elizabeth Reyes, executive director of Industria Reyes S.A.A.

He added that Cleto Reyes currently has 31 trademark registrations in Mexico and ten abroad, protecting the brand in 18 countries and that there is monitoring throughout the world to protect our clients and as the great champion said: he will be difficult in the first rounds, but in the end my boxing and my class will prevail'; in the same way it was the beginning of our company, with great sacrifices, but with a focus on”.

Cleto Reyes Orgullosamente Hecho en México

“Thank you champion for allowing us to accompany you in your career, we are a company that is proud to have walked alongside the greats of world boxing. Proudly, Mexico is the second country with the most world champions and is the headquarters of the World Boxing Council. Thank you Mauricio for your trust and commitment to promote safe boxing. This recognition we received confirms our commitment to continue offering high-quality equipment that provides comfort and safety; Thanks to the IMPI for recognizing our work and helping us protect it through the Notorious Brand..

After the presentation of Elizabeth Reyes, an exciting video was projected where the story of the Cleto Reyes gloves was compared with a 12-round fight, spectacularly narrated by Carlos Alberto Aguilar.

Cleto Reyes Orgullosamente Hecho en México

The video moved feelings and memories, as was the case with Mauricio Sulaimán: I grew up with this brand. Many years ago my father (Don José Sulaimán), came home with the gloves that Muhammad Ali used against George Foreman, I played with them and they were Cleto Reyes, he recalled.ó.

“I remember the way in which Don Alberto Reyes, son of Don Cleto Reyes, with a lot of effort, sacrifice and enthusiasm, turned a family workshop into a large company, with two floors and warehouses, with all the complications that a company has, but always with the illusion of being the best and maintaining its quality; said the WBC president..

He added that Reyes always has the threat of unfair competition and piracy in Pakistan, because since you are the best, they imitate you, but if you were bad, they wouldn't even fight you.”.

Cleto Reyes Orgullosamente Hecho en México

For Mauricio Sulaimán, the great champions use Cleto Reyes because it is the best glove that exists and we have worked hand in hand in many aspects. I remember that the WBC called on Cleto Reyes to design the glove with the attached thumb, to avoid the common practice of poking the eye, which caused several retinal detachments. We have also developed gloves for women, with greater protection and an infinite number of things, we have always worked together.”.

“So today having Julio César Chávez is something very special, he is the greatest exponent of Mexican boxing, with 37 world title fights, 14 years undefeated, he has all the records and if Chávez had anything it was loyalty, he never gave in to temptations of a sponsorship and he was always loyal to Cleto Reyes, because it was the glove that made him champion, he assured..

“¿What were your first gloves Julio Mauricio asked Chávez..

Cleto Reyes Orgullosamente Hecho en México

“I debuted on February 5, 1980 in Culiacán and I wore Cleto Reyes gloves and as a champion, all my defenses were pure Cleto Reyes, I never liked wearing other gloves. I remember that when I went to France they wanted to put other gloves on me, but I told them no, bring me Cleto Reyes. I don't know if the glove made me much better or because it was a habit, Julio César narrated.r.

“¿What can you say to the Reyes brothers for this recognition, Mauricio asked Julio.o.

“I congratulate you for the great work you have done over many years. Imagine, the best world champions in history have used Cleto Reyes. This recognition is a great joy, not only for them, but for all of Mexico, because the gloves were created and are made in Mexico, and that they were used by Muhammad Ali, the best fighter in all of history, speaks of their quality, Chavez said. To conclude, he pointed out that I always felt safe with Cleto Reyes gloves.s”.

Mr. Juan Lozano, director of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) was very emotional when referring to the event: This morning, when I got up I told myself today will be a great day because of the guests we will have.s”.

“I want to congratulate the Reyes family for this important achievement, Mauricio Sulaimán for being here, for his leadership that makes us proud to be Mexican. And well, imagine, the privilege that it represents for a Mexican to take his flag, do something better than the others and win a championship. How many times did our flag wave and the National Anthem was heard, it was like watching a movie, like when he beat Meldrick Taylor, it was spectacular. That is what it means to have discipline, a vocation to do things. Have a gift and develop it. It is not enough to have a gene that allows you to be exceptional, but you must develop it and that is what Julio César Chávez has done, affirmed Juan Lozano..

Then, he talked about his experience with the gloves: Those of us who were born in Mexico have an experience with Cleto Reyes. I was one of those kids who had his Cleto Reyes gloves, so I would lock myself in my room with my cousins and neighbors to put on our gloves and the game would end when one of us cried.”.

“Today he congratulated the Reyes family, because we are talking about an example of business success. Cleto Reyes has made the name of Mexico resonate throughout the world. We have seen those gloves on the fists of Chávez and other champions, for which our recognition was an obligation, he said..

Cleto Reyes Orgullosamente Hecho en México

Already in the solemn part, he commented that having a Notorious Trademark means that the brand is protected, because brands are exposed to piracy and unfair competition, but when you have the notoriety of your brand, the protection falls, because if someone comes to request Registration of a trademark that resembles Cleto Reyes in any way will not be allowed. This recognition is given by the Mexican State to a group of Mexicans who have made the name of our country sound with great pride in the world.”.

“Elizabeth said it, that she was grateful to be granted this recognition. I tell him that there is nothing to be thankful for. We are all grateful to you, for having promoted the sport and you make us proud to be Mexican, we thank you for being a national example, he concluded..

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