Campeones de la vida

champions of life

Up and down the ring they are champions of life.

By Rodolfo Rosales S.

Up and down the ring they are champions of life.

Now with the health emergency due to COVID 19, Manny Pacquiao, Wladimir Klitschko and Conor McGregor spared no financial efforts to help their compatriots in the fight against the Coronavirus.

The first to show his concern and get to work was Filipino Manny Pacquiao, who in coordination with Alibaba's Jack Ma, donated 50,000 tests to detect COVID-19 and 700,000 face masks to his fellow Filipinos.


“I grew up poor and I know what happens to poor people, added Pacquiao, who also donated five cargo trucks for the health corps to mobilize in Manila..

The Philippine senator affirms that he will be very active in the fight against the 21st century pandemic: If you consider yourself a leader, you must be a leader, let people see that you are with them. You must not hide for fear of dying. This is chaos and I fear what might happen.”.

Another great boxer and social fighter for his country, Ukraine, is the former world champion Wladimir Klitschko, since COVID-19 has already begun to wreak havoc in Eastern European countries. In Ukraine, where the boxer was born until last week, 48 cases had been confirmed. And five people dead.


Thus, Klitschko decided to help his compatriots and, in particular, health workers, and in a message posted on his social networks, he announced that he would open the doors of his hotel in Kiev to medical teams.

"True heroes. We feel the need to do everything we can to give back to these medical professionals, true heroes. These people are on the front lines, putting their lives and health before ours, we can never forget that."

"What we are facing today is more than a challenge: we are facing a historic task that can be mastered, if we work together with the same goal and helping each other."

In the same way, the Irish Conor McGregor, a UFC boxer, donated one million euros in medical supplies to hospitals in need, in his native Ireland, confirmed the site


After the passionate video encouraging Ireland to go into full lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19, Irish politician Paschal Donohoe reached out and asked Conor to keep up the good work because young people listen to him.n.

Conor responded to Donohoe explaining his new plan to help Ireland. Today I am buying a million euros worth of personal protective equipment to deploy to all combat hospitals in the Leinster region. Our most affected region, to date.”.

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